How Snagajob Achieved a 375% Boost in Video Shares

By Incorporating Animated Video into Their Weekly YouTube Series

Professional Marketing Videos in a Flash

Create animated videos quickly and cost-effectively with simple drag and drop tools. GoAnimate's do-it-yourself video making platform helps you elevate your marketing material- leading to a more engaged audience.

  • The challenges Snagajob faced with video content production
  • How and why they came to use GoAnimate for their video needs
  • The success they experienced, including a sample of their videos

Download this case study to learn more about Snagajob's success creating live action and animated hybrid videos for their weekly Youtube series. In this case study, you'll get the inside scoop, including:



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With animated video, you aren't constrained by reality. Test different ways to communicate your message, improve campaign performance, and increase conversions for your business.

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Saving Time and Money with Animated Video


Boost in Video Sharing

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