How Catalina Marketing Achieved a 100% Pass Rate 

on a traditionally low-engagement topic

Professional Training Videos in a Flash

Create animated videos quickly and cost-effectively with simple drag and drop tools. GoAnimate's do-it-yourself video making platform helps you elevate your training material- leading to a more engaged audience.

  • The challenges Catalina Marketing faced with video content production
  • How and why they came to use GoAnimate for their video needs
  • The success they experienced, including internal training video examples

Download this case study to learn how Catalina Marketing delivers the right messages -- in the form of training -- to its internal audience of more than 1,350  employees around the world.  In this case study, you'll get the inside scoop, including



Ready to Make a Video?

With animated video, you aren't constrained by reality. Test different ways to communicate your message, improve campaign performance, and increase conversions for your business.

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Time it takes the Catalina training team to produce some of their videos

Reduction in onboarding time for one group of new employees

Pass rate for a new training program on a traditionally low-engagement topic

1 hour


Saving Time and Money with Animated Video


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